What do Polish people find hard in English?

There are several aspects of the English language that Polish people may find challenging, including pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Some of the difficulties with pronunciation can include the difference in stress patterns, the use of unstressed vowels, and the distinction between certain sounds, such as the „th” sound. Grammatically, English can be challenging because it has more irregular verbs and nouns than Polish, and the tense system can be difficult to understand. Vocabulary can be a challenge because many English words have multiple meanings, and idiomatic expressions can be difficult to understand and use correctly.

The English tense system can be challenging for Polish people, but the aspect that is often considered the most difficult is the past continuous tense. This is because it involves a combination of two grammatical forms, the past tense of the verb „to be” and the present participle, to express a longer, ongoing action that took place in the past. The use of this tense can be confusing and may require a good understanding of verb conjugation, and time expressions such as „while” or „when.” However, difficulty with the past continuous tense can vary among individuals, as some may find other tenses, such as the present perfect or the past perfect, more challenging.

English is widely studied as a foreign language in Poland for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is widely used as a lingua franca (common language) in international business, science, and technology. As a result, many Polish people study English to improve their job prospects, enhance their professional skills, and expand their business opportunities. Additionally, English is considered an important tool for accessing information and knowledge in areas such as science, medicine, and technology. Furthermore, studying English is seen as a way to increase cultural exposure and to facilitate travel and communication with people from different countries. These factors have made English the most popular foreign language in Poland.